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25 Hours of Thunderhill 2022

Daniel returns to Thunderhill Raceway for the 25 hour endurance event in the FK8 Civic Type R, again trying to push the car into a first place finish in a tough field, but again the rigors of the event tested everyone and the car.

In practice we experienced a sheered 3rd gear which nearly eliminated us before we began, luckily Tazio led the team to drop the gearbox and source a spare gear from SF, and he rebuilt it right there to get us back in time for the start of the race, though we missed qualifying.

Once the race began, we made up a lot of distance with a great team strategy and consistent driving from Daniel, Tazio Tyyis, Will Watanawongkiri and Patrick Chio, until the weather stopped us for several hours in the evening. Upon race resume, we were consistent and battling hard for a narrow lead.

Mechanical issues again caught up to us, brakes completely worn out, followed by the gearbox again losing a gear put us out of contention only minutes from the finish yet again, securing second place in the class.

SD Racng will be back in 2023 to battle for the win.

Photos by Colin McCarty (@coolin_mc) and WRTeknica (@wrteknica)

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